Minggu, 18 Maret 2012

Super Sternkampfer Assault

Super SternKampher Assault is a rail shooter in which the player takes control of the hyper-advanced starfighter SternKampher in its desperate battle against the devastating Bio-Cyborgs. The game is a three dimensional rail shooter set in a war-torn future. The player takes the role of the pilot of the futuristic starfighter SternKampher to fight back against a Bio-Cyborg invasion of planet earth. The game uses a variable camera - the gameplay can shift mid-level from a behind-the-ship perspective in which the player controls the SternKampher’s path through a 3 dimensional battlefield to a horizontal or vertically aligned ‘classic’ style with 2D gameplay. Confronting new methods of enemy attack and obstacles in these varying views will be a key element to succeed in the game, appealing to both the fans of modern shooters and enthusiasts of the ‘old-school’ shooter, giving the game a wide audience.

File size: 21.70 MB

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