Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

DotA Allstars - Warcraft III Map 6.74

The Scourge meets the Sentinel in a battle to the death

This is a Hero Defense map for Warcraft 3 created on the Felwood tileset with a size of 128x128 of which 118x120 playable. We recommend that you play this map with even teams because otherwise the game will not be fair.

There are 2 teams: the Scourge and the Sentinel each with a maximum of five heroes. Each hero can be chosen from 9 taverns, four on each side. Every hero has unique abilities and can be upgraded with various items.

The maximum level of the heroes is 25, with a level three ultimatum. You have to make money and gain experience and your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemies World Tree / Frozen Throne.

Downlpad Map 6.74

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