Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse is a Free and Open Source first-person shooter, developed by and for the community free of charge (although you can donate if you'd like).

Being both Free in a libre sense and free in a monetary sense, that it uses SDL, OpenGL, and the Cube Engine 2, and given its low hardware requirements and cross-platform nature gives way to a myriad of users and developers alike adopting the project; helping the Red Eclipse team to improve the game, branching out the project into new ones, and of course playing it and offering feedback.

As a game, Red Eclipse takes influence from a variety of sources in its mechanics and gameplay. Flow, pacing, and level design are akin to Unreal Tournament, while aspects like burning, bleeding, and some weapon behavior have been adopted from Team Fortress 2.

There are also a variety of new mechanics Red Eclipse brings to the table, such as the unique system of Impulsing, providing the player a different way of moving through a level by lunging provided he has the energy, and its ammunition system, eliminating the Quake-like need to control a map's items rigorously, allowing the player to focus more on fighting and movement coordination while simultaneously lowering the learning curve as an added benefit but still maintaining depth of play. Others such as the crosshair-radar concept have taken systems that have been used for years elsewhere and made them more intuitive.

DownloadRed Eclipse Home Page
File size: 456.3 MB (v.1.2)
OS: Windows, Linux/BSD and Mac OSX

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