Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Armed With Wings: Culmination

Across the Armed With Wings series, creator Daniel Sun has been striving to perfect his hack-and-slash platformer formula. Culmination is, as the name would suggest, a statement of all he’s learned over the past several years – and it’s quite remarkable. 

With smooth platforming movement and surprisingly solid combat mechanics, it’s a game designed to bring the big-budget action feel to a smaller indie release. But the production values shine through. Gorgeous, desaturated landscapes are populated by intimidating silhouettes that convey a surprising amount of detail, while an initially low-key soundtrack swells and builds to an astonishing post-rock crescendo. 

Playing through the game on the lower difficulty level unlock the hard setting, which presents a completely different game. Meanwhile, finishing each level unlocks it to play at your leisure, outside the story mode. It’s rare to find such an accomplished all-round package as Culmination without paying a penny. Take the opportunity to experience it.

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