Senin, 20 Februari 2012

AirBuccaneers HD

A world where hot air balloons rule the skies and battles rage among the clouds. A world locked in eternal warfare among its inhabitants. A world where one fighter counts for nothing but a few can bring down an entire enemy fleet by working together in perfect harmony.

A world where Buccaneers and Vikings have taken to the skies and wage war for its ruling rights. This is the world of AirBuccaneers. Take yourself there and give yourself to the sky.

AirBuccaneers HD is now in Public Pre-Alpha Test Phase. This means that the game is FREE for everyone to test as they please. But please remember that as the game is still well in development there are many things that are either broken or nonexistent and that many things may change in future releases.

File size(v.03): 173.58 MB
OS: Windows

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